Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seraph & Yem at Work

I had the pleasure of running into Seraph and Yem at work on another mural in the Le Barcito parking lot in Silver Lake. Seraph is an incredible soul that shines through his intricate work that emerges from an organic world and provides insights to futuristic infastructures. Yem is working on some of his characters - one an aggressive cat creature and the other a peaceful gaia-like figure of a woman who has a killer blue buddag ear. I'll be posting pics when the wall is complete.

Seraph at work

Seraph's supplies

Yem's traveling
Yem at work
Yem channeling the spirit of mother nature 

Sunset Blvd. at Hyperion in Le Barcito parking lot
Medium: Aersol Mural
Artists: Seraph and Yem
Other artists on this wall are: Butcher and Space Invader 

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