Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wonder Woman on the Streets of SIlver Lake

Several weeks ago in front of Pazzo Gelato on Sunset

Medium: Wheat Paste Poster
Artist: YEM (I think)

Man Down in Los Feliz Alley

Alley behind Cheetah's Strip Club

Los Feliz, Los Angeles
Medium: Aerosol Mural & Stencils

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How slow can you go?

Turtle on dumpster in Silver Lake
Sunset Blvd. Dumpster in front of Lark Cake Shop

Silver Lake, Los Angeles
Medium: Wheat Paste Poster

Hogorilla Mural

I'm not sure if it's a hog or gorilla.

This mural is now gone.
Silver Lake, Los Angeles
Medium: Mural with Aerosol 
Artist: Butcher

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Free Revok

Today as I walked along Fairfax, I stumbled across this storefront window. It's a homage to jailed street artist Revok. The two windows combined read "FREE REVOK" in bold dripping black lettering surrounded by splatters of pastel paints. It also reads "Art is not a crime". The window is staged with Montana spray paint, paint splatters and a ghetto blaster. The installation is by artist, Chad Muska.

Window on Fairfax

Montana Gold is part of the installation
Fairfax, just south of the Grove by Samy's Camera
Medium: Mixed Media Installation

Street Art Stroll down Fairfax

Today I was on Fairfax in Los Angeles headed to the camera shop. I saw some great pieces on the streets as I walked through the neighborhood where I picked up some new kicks at Keep's shoe boutique. I grabbed $1 pita wrap next door. Hit up RVCA, then Samy's Camera my final destination. Right before I got to Samy's, up one block, I saw this storefront window tribute to jailed street artist, Revok.

Smog City sticker and others on traffic signal

Wheat pastes and stencils on wall. Buff Monster 10 year anniversary poster.

Facebook Social Cigarettes poster popping up all over LA.
Love the Cyrcle, Kurt Cobain poster above.

Who Killed Eazy-E?

Maggot in the eye of Eazy E

The Hundreds

A beautiful wall of aerosol murals and urban calligraphy by Retna
dress up this barren lot on Fairfax (north of Beverly).

A caption on the consumer and producers of cigarettes on this Marlboro spoof.

Detailed graphic, black and white wheat-paste with a wolf and skull across from the Grove

You can find these on Fairfax between Santa Monica Blvd. and 3rd. Street.
Los Angeles
Medium: Stencil, Stickers, Aerosol, Mural, Marker

Round Poster on Effie

I love this graphic black and white poster with all of it's symbolism. I also love the lettering on the padlock. And of course there's an "...ish" sticker.
Wheat paste poster on Effie

Type skills on lock down

Electrical box on Effie @ Sanborn
Silver Lake, Los Angeles
Medium: Wheat Paste Poster, Sticker, Tape and Sharpie

Monday, June 27, 2011

Art Walker

The Art Walker in Silver Lake
First there was the Silver Lake Walker (he died last year). Now there is the Art Walker. I've been seeing these stencils everywhere.

Sunset Blvd. near Sanborn in front of Sunset Junction Organic Medicine
Media: Stencil with Aerosol

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good Time, All the Time

A motto to live by, "Good time, all the time".

Sunset Blvd near Taix Resturant
Echo Park, Los Angeles
Medium: Stencil with Aerosol

Dragon Loading Zone

In front of El Pollo Loco on Sunset Blvd @ Sunset Junction

Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California
Medium: Sticker

Egyptian Inspired DD

Egyptian inspired design with scarab, pyramid and all seeing eye by D.D. Does anyone know what the arabic writing says?

Sunset Blvd @ Fountain on Electrical Box

Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California
Medium: Wheat Paste Poster

First Sage of the Season

Sage's Painting Pin-up. I think she painted the heart.
A new name on the scene, Sage.

On the small billboard across from Intelligentsia Coffee on Sunset Blvd.
(between the glass shop and Rough Trade)
Sunset Junction, Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA
Medium: Stencil on paper with aerosol, wheat paste poster

Bike Rack Cozy

This bike rack looks like it is loved.
Not your ordinary street art. We're used to seeing stencils, murals and stickers... but knitting? These hand-knitted bike rack cozies have been popping up on Sunset near Sunset Junction. The vibrant colors and cool patterns make any bike rack more homey for any visiting bike. This one is in front of K2 Restaurant.

Give Face

On La Brea, Los Angeles

Of course I'm on Facebook. You can see more LA Street Art there. Wheat paste by 2wenty.

Let's get it started

Os Gêmeos in alley way off Talmadge
I've been taking pictures of street art for years. From Venice Beach to San Francisco, I've been documenting the street art around me. I'm now living in Los Angeles near Sunset Junction in the Silver Lake neighborhood.

As I walk this urban landscape, I see it transform daily. I'm going to start posting my photos and sharing the art in my neighborhood with you.