Sunday, July 10, 2011

WIN Homo Riot Sticker Pack

The Homo Riot wagon was out today at Akbar's Bars in Space beer bust party in Silver Lake today. The truck is pretty pimp. It's custom patined by Homo Riot. It has a black backgroun with grey stencils of one dude giving another dude a blow job. The stencil is repeated as a background pattern with some words scrawled over it. There's a graphic black and white image over the with a bearded-bear-daddy with Kiss make-up tugging at his undies. Red blood drips below that over another sweet black and white pattern with the words "Homo Riot" stenciled repeatedly.

I scored some sweet gear courtesy of The Site Unscene. I got a tee, a brand new silkscreen vinyl sticker, some black and white stickers and signed photo of one of his street postings. I love this shirt that says "not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you".

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We'll pick two winners to send a Homo Riot sticker pack to! Good luck.

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