Monday, August 8, 2011

Off with the Hed

I love being visually assaulted, especially by black and white geodesic heads sprinkled with pastel candy coatings. Los Angeles street artist, SEPTERHED, made my eyes hurt so good. His SUBVERSIVE HOLIDAY experience was one of the best deliveries of a street art exhibit I've seen. The walls were scralwed with bold, angular typography and topped off with graphic wolf imagey, "heds"and cheeky statements.

There were many local LA Street Artists on the scene that got down on a "graffiti wall". Lydia Emily, 2wenty and The Status Faction were among the artists at the opening. Septerhed bumped my book and I was lucky enough to be able to score a painting that will be hanging in my house soon.

Check out the show at:

Hold Up Art
358 E. 2nd St.
Downtown LA

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